Nursing Information Zone (NIZ)

Are you looking for nursing information, products and services that make the wheels of
 the nursing profession spin? 

You've found it but give me a minute to say "Thank You" if you are already a nurse.

That's right! NIZ wants to give a "Shout Out" to the women and men who chose the nursing profession to make a positive difference in the world.

Somewhere in the world every minute of the day an overworked nurse is helping to save the lives of multiple patients assigned to them during a shift.

Even when a patient or a patient's relative is rude, crude and in need of a cranial invasive psychological evaluation or at least, a good glass of colon detoxification liquid, you continue to provide the best medical care possible to save the patient's life. 

I'm sure you've run across a few of these let's say "very challenging patients" who you pray will be gone home before returning for your next shift.

Without nurses providing their valuable service and knowledge, the medical community as we know it here in the United States would fail.

Again, we thank you!

Not A Nurse Yet?

Registered Nurse - Get Your Nursing Degree TodayNIZ wants you to think about the skills you will acquire from receiving a nursing degree.

There is no doubt you are guaranteeing yourself a higher income and better job security than most workers in the United States and around the world are receiving these days.

Obtaining your nursing degree as the head of a single parent household can be the vehicle you need to provide for your children.

Just as important, your new nursing skills can mean you'll be able to help thousands of people during your life time continue to live.

What better way is there to go through life than where daily contributions at your job can mean a person is alive because of your efforts and knowledge?


What Can You Find Here At NIZ?

We'll be providing information to answer questions about the nursing profession such as:

  1. What Kind of Degrees Are Available To Obtain? 
  2. What Credentials Can A Person Attain? 
  3. What Specialties Within the Nursing Profession Can A Person Pursue? 
  4. What are the Salaries? 
  5. Where Are The Schools Located? 
  6. Where Do You Obtain Continued Education Units? 
  7. Are There Scholarships Available? 
  8. Travel Nursing, Is It For You? 

We'll also be providing links to suppliers for the following equipment and services utilized by the nursing profession:

  1. Nursing Uniforms - Including Holiday Theme Scrubs 
  2. Nursing Shoes 
  3. PDA and Electronic Devices 
  4. Nursing Gifts 

NIZ hopes you are able to find the information or item related to the nursing profession on our website.