Nurse Bid A Deal - Shoes, Scrubs and More


Have fun bidding on the nursing related items listed below.

Being the winning bid might just save you enough money to buy more of these items commonly used in the nursing profession without increasing your budget.

Many times, you might locate an item where you could wind up being the only bidder who gains the item at a great price. 

The fun comes in when there are several people watching and bidding on the same nurse item and the time is running out. Just at the last minute, you slide in and enter the top bid to win the item.

Now, sometimes you'll be saying "Dang It" when somebody swoops in and beats your bid.

I hear it both ways at our house when we're trying to save some money by finding a great deal on eBay.  


Nursing Scrubs



Nursing Shoes



Nursing Watches



Nursing Stethoscopes



Nursing PDA