Certified Nursing Assistant Training Delaware

NIZ has put together a list of Certified Nursing Assistant Training sites in Delaware.

The CNA list information posted below can change frequently. A site listed here today may have closed yesterday so don't blame me if a site closed or if a new site is not listed. 

So you're wanting to get your CNA training in the Great State of Delaware?


Did I mention Delaware is my favorite state?

Get busy selecting a Certified Nursing Assistant Training site to begin creating a great future for yourself in a profession dedicated to caring for others.

And NIZ really hopes you consider using the CNA position as the springboard into the exciting profession of nursing.

Just look over at the navigation bar to read more about the nursing profession. We really need you and your pocketbook will love you!


     CITY               CNA TRAINING LOCATION                       PHONE NUMBER

Dover Del Tech Terry 302-857-1400
Dover Dover High School 302-672-1525
Dover Courtland Manor 302-674-0566
Dover Silver Lake Center 410-494-8167
Georgetown Del Tech Georgetown 302-855-5988
Georgetown Sussex Tech-Adult Education Division 302-856-9035
Georgetown Sussex Technical High School 302-856-2543
Georgetown Stockley Center 302-934-8031
Laurel Tri-State Technical 443-523-8429
Lewes Beebe Medical Center School of Nursing 302-645-3251
Middletown St. Georges Technical High School 302-449-3600
Milford Milford Center 410-494-8167
Newark Hodgson Vo-Tech High School - Day 302-834-0990
Newark KFW Medical Institute of Delaware 302-533-6406
Newport Camtech, Inc. 302-998-8166
Seaford Camtech, Inc. 302-629-5603
Smyrna Hands Medical Healthcare Services, Inc. 302-659-3881
Wilmington CDM Technical Training Institute of Delaware 302-482-3234
Wilmington Dawn Career Institute, Inc. 302-633-9075
Wilmington Del Tech-Wilmington Campus 302-571-5300
Wilmington Delaware Skill Center 302-654-5392
Wilmington Delcastle Technical High School 302-995-8099
Wilmington NCC Vo-Tech School District-Adult Education Division (evening program for adults) 302-683-3651
Wilmington Howard High School of Technology (Day) 302-571-5408
Wilmington Wilmington Job Corps Center 302-230-2539
Woodside Poly Tech Adult Education 302-697-4545
Woodside Poly Tech High School (Day) 302-697-3255, Ext. 233

Delaware Board CNA Training Information


Great to hear you've decided to see where you can receive additional training to become a licensed nursing professional in Delware.

Start the journey today to become a practical nurse, a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner or nurse educator.