Certified Nursing Assistant Training District of Columbia

NIZ has put together a list of Certified Nursing Assistant Training sites in District of Columbia.

The CNA list information posted below can change frequently. A site listed here today may have closed yesterday so don't blame me if a site closed or if a new site is not listed.

So you're wanting to get your CNA training in the Great State of District of Columbia? Okay, they really want to be a state.


Did I mention District of Columbia wants to be a state?

Get busy selecting a Certified Nursing Assistant Training site to begin creating a great future for yourself in a profession dedicated to caring for others.

And NIZ really hopes you consider using the CNA position as the springboard into the exciting profession of nursing.

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Washington, DC Bethel Training Institute CNA, HHA 202-723-0755  202-723-0304
Washington, DC Capitol Health Institute CNA, HHA 202-722-8830
Washington, DC CAPTEC Med Care CNA, HHA 202-291-7744
Washington, DC Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School CNA 202-797-4700
Washington, DC Comprehensive Health Academy CNA 202-388-5500
Washington, DC Home Care Partners, Inc HHA 202-638-2382
Washington, DC J. C. Inc. American Institute of Professional Studies CNA 202-291-8787
Washington, DC Success International School of Allied Health Sciences, Inc. CNA, HHA 202-636-1878
Washington, DC University of the District of Columbia CNA, HHA 202-274-6950
Washington, DC VMT Education Center CNA, HHA 202-282-3010
Washington, DC Washington Training Institute HHA 240-460-7060  202-319-0045

District of Columbia Board CNA Training Information


Great to hear you've decided to see where you can receive additional training to become a licensed nursing professional in District of Columbia.

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