Certified Nursing Assistant Training Wyoming

NIZ has put together a list of Certified Nursing Assistant Training sites in Wyoming.

The CNA list information posted below can change frequently. A site listed here today may have closed yesterday so don't blame me if a site closed or if a new site is not listed. 

So you're wanting to get your CNA training in the Great State of Wyoming?


Did I mention Wyoming is my favorite state?

Get busy selecting a Certified Nursing Assistant Training site to begin creating a great future for yourself in a profession dedicated to caring for others.

And NIZ really hopes you consider using the CNA position as the springboard into the exciting profession of nursing.

Just look over at the navigation bar to read more about the nursing profession. We really need you and your pocketbook will love you!




Afton Western Wyoming Community College Outreach-Afton (307) 382-1801
Basin Wyoming Retirement Center Wyoming Retirement Center
Basin Northwest College Outreach-Basin (307) 754-6479
Buffalo Northern Wyoming Community College District  Outreach-Buffalo High School (307) 674-6446
Buffalo Northern Wyoming Community College District Outreach - Buffalo Sheridan College (307) 674-6446
Casper Casper College Casper College
Casper Poplar Living Center (307) 237-2561 
Cheyenne Central High School (LCSD #1) (307) 771-2216
Cheyenne College of America College of America
Cheyenne East High School (LCSD #1) (307) 771-2663 x2160
Cheyenne HCP Education Center (307) 778-8861
Cheyenne Laramie County Community College Laramie County Community College
Cheyenne Laramie County School District #1 - Triumph High School (307) 771-2500
Cody          Northwest College Outreach - Cody       (307) 754-6479
Cody          West Park Hospital LTC    (307) 578-2415      
Douglas       Eastern Wyoming College Outreach-Douglas Care Center      (307) 532-8247
Dubois        Fremont County BOCES - Dubois Fremont County BOCES - Dubois
Ethete       Fremont County BOCES - Wyoming Indian High School Fremont County BOCES - Dubois
Evanston      Western Wyoming Community College Outreach-Evanston    (307) 382-1801
Casper CNA Cares Enterprises (307) 234-8381
Gillette Pioneer Manor/Campbell County Memorial Hospital Pioneer Manor/Campbell County Memorial Hospital
Green River Castle Rock Convalescent Center Castle Rock Convalescent Center
Jackson Central Wyoming College Outreach-Jackson (307) 855-2128
Jackson Central Wyoming College Outreach-Jackson High School (307) 855-2128
Kemmerer Western Wyoming Community College Outreach-Kemmerer (307) 382-1801
Lander Fremont County School District Outreach Pathfinder (307) 856-2024
Laramie Albany County School District #1 (307) 742-5107
Laramie Laramie County Community College at Albany County  (307) 778-1267
Lyman Western Wyoming Community College Outreach-Lyman       (307) 382-1801
Mountain View Western Wyoming Community College Outreach-Mountain View (307) 382-1801
Newcastle Eastern Wyoming College Outreach-Newcastle  (307) 532-8247
Newcastle Weston County Health Services (307) 746-2793
Pavillion Fremont County BOCES - Wind River High School Fremont County BOCES - Dubois
Pinedale Western Wyoming Community College Outreach-Pinedale  (307) 382-1801
Powell Northwest College Northwest College
Powell Powell Valley Hospital (307) 754-2267
Rawlins Carbon County Higher Education Center - Vocational Core Carbon County Higher Education Center - Vocational Core
Riverton Central Wyoming College Central Wyoming College
Riverton Fremont County BOCES - Riverton High School/BOCES Fremont County BOCES - Dubois
Riverton Fremont County BOCES Fremont County BOCES - Dubois
Riverton JALH Health Services LLC (307) 856-4157
Rock Springs Western Wyoming Community College Western Wyoming Community College
Rock Springs Sage View Care Center (307) 362-3780
Saratoga Valley View Care and Rehabilitation Center (307) 326-8212
Sheridan Northern Wyoming Community College District - Sheridan College (307) 674-6446
Sheridan Northern Wyoming Community College Distric Outreach-Sheridan High School (307) 674-6446
Sheridan Sheridan Manor (307) 674-4416
Shoshoni Fremont County BOCES - Shoshoni Fremont County BOCES - Dubois
Sundance Eastern Wyoming College - Sundance Campus (307) 532-8247
Thermopolis Central Wyoming College Outreach-Thermopolis (307) 855-2128
Thermopolis Snyder's CNA Class, LLC    (307) 864-3273
Torrington Eastern Wyoming College    (307) 532-8247
Wheatland Eastern Wyoming College - Wheatland Outreach Campus (307) 532-8247
Worland Worland Healthcare  (307) 347-4285


Wyoming Board CNA Training Information


Great to hear you've decided to see where you can receive additional training to become a licensed nursing professional in Wyoming.

Start the journey today to become a practical nurse, a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner or nurse educator.