Nursing Career In United States

Trying to decide whether to pursue a nursing career?


Nursing Career Can Be Financially Rewarding While Helping Others - Nursing CareerNIZ knows it is a tough decision to make to choose a honorable profession such as nursing as a career but it is one that can be very rewarding personally, professionally and financially.

How Can A Nursing Career Be Personally and Professionally Rewarding?

You could be helping to save lives. Think about the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that, thanks to you, will remain with their families for years to come due to the nursing care provided by you.

You could also use your skill and love to give the one pound and sometimes even smaller babies in the Neonatal unit a fighting chance to survive.

What can be more rewarding than being part of a team that saves a premature baby's life? 

Nursing can be rewarding professionally in respect to the many career paths a person can pursue within the profession.

Choosing a Nursing Career Here in the United States Can Be Financially Rewarding

  1. Your job can't be shipped overseas. 
  2. The demand for nursing professionals in the United States is growing. Employment opportunities or demand for registered nurses alone is projected to increase 23% by the year 2016. Other countries with aging populations such as Japan are seeing the demand for nursing professionals grow. 
  3. Being a nurse can be financially rewarding as well. Depending on the type of nursing specialty chosen to pursue, current salary levels range from $18,000 to $190,000 per year. With overtime, we've seen Neonatal Level 3 registered nurses make $95,000 in one year. 
  4. Becoming a Traveling Nurse allows you to live in different areas of the United States or in other countries where housing and other living expenses are provided as a benefit. 
  5. You can enter the nursing profession as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) with minimal training to survive financially while pursuing a nursing degree. 


NIZ wants you to seriously consider working in a dynamic and interesting profession where the skills learned allow you to help save a person's life on an almost daily basis. 

Single moms or dads should really consider a nursing career as a viable option to make it easier financially to raise your children. 

The health care community needs good people like you so get started today to change and improve the rest of your life by pursuing a nursing career.

Again, the benefits of a Nursing Career can be enticing.  

  • Better Job Security 
  • Be Part of a Higher Paying Industry 
  • Better Health Insurance Benefits May Be Possible 
  • Growth Potential Possible 
  • 3 Day (36 Hour) Work Week Possible 

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