Nursing Schools

Welcome to the beginning of a great future as a nurse.

Go ahead and make your mother happy by staying close as possible to home.

On second thought, tell them you'll keep the oil checked and you'll call home when you need some money.

Okay, you've found a nursing school and now, you're ready to sign the dotted line to commit yourself to owing thousands of dollars in tuition and spending four years of your life earning the BSN degree? More and more hospitals as they seek being rated among the best are requiring nurses to have a Bachelors Degree in Nursing.

Slow down and create a nursing career game plan to protect yourself.

Here are 3 things to consider before loading up the car and getting out of dodge to freedom. 
  • Be sure to check out the state nursing board web site to make sure the nursing school is legit, not on probation or in trouble for some other reason. Nursing boards typically post warnings about bogus none-accredited schools operating in the state. 
  • Check out the school's graduation pass rate to make sure the nursing school is not border line close to getting a smack down by the state nursing board. 

An example is a graduation rate of 80% would make the school a possible Board of Nursing candidate for probation and/or closure if the failing rate for that state is 75%.

  • Will credits earned transfer to another school in the event you have to move? 

    sk questions about a school's accreditation within the state and nationally because you never know what the future holds. You do not want to find yourself having to take the same type of classes twice because another school will not accept the previously earned credits. 

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