Nursing Schools - Arkansas

NIZ has put together an extensive list of Nursing Schools in Arkansas  

So you're wanting to go to a Nursing School in the Great State of Arkansas?


Did I mention Arkansas is my favorite state?

Get busy selecting a Nursing School to begin creating a great future for yourself in a profession dedicated to caring for others. We really need you!




Arkadelphia Henderson State University - Liberal Arts  BSN
Batesville University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville PN (LPN), NA (CNA),  LPN-RN Program
Beebe Arkansas State University - BeeBe AASN (RN), PN (LPN),      NA (CNA), BSN
Bentonville Northwest Arkansas Community College in Bentonville AAS (RN),   LPN-RN Transition,  NA (CNA).
Blytheville Arkansas Northeastern College AAS/ADN (RN),             PN (LPN), NA (CNA)
Burdette Arkansas Northeastern College AAS/ADN (RN),             PN (LPN), NA (CNA)
Camden  Southern Arkansas University Tech PN (LPN),  NA (CNA)
Conway University of Central Arkansas BSN, MSN
Crossett University of Arkansas - Monticello College of Technology - Crossett NA (CNA),  PN (LPN)
De Queen Cossatot Community College of the University of Arkansas LPN, RN 
Dewitt Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas AAS (RN),  PN (LPN),       NA (CNA)
El Dorado South Arkansas Community College AAS (RN),  PN (LPN),       NA (CNA)
Fayetteville University of Arkansas - The Eleanor Mann School of Nursing  BSN, MSN
Forrest City East Arkansas Community College AASN, LPN/LPTN
Forrest City Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute PN (LPN),  NA (CNA)
Fort Smith University of Arkansas – Fort Smith Carolyn McKelvey Moore School of Nursing  LPN, ADN (RN), RN-BSN, BSN   
Harrison North Arkansas College RN, PN, CNA
Helena-West Helena Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas AAS (RN),  PN (LPN),       NA (CNA)
Hope University of Arkansas Community College at Hope PN (LPN),  NA (CNA),    LPN/LPTN/LVN to RN Transition
Hot Springs  National Park Community College PN (LPN),   AS (RN), LPN/LPTN APPLICANTS to RN TRACK 
Jonesboro Arkansas State University - Jonesboro AAS (RN), BSN, MSN
Little Rock University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences BSN, MNSc, PhD
Little Rock Baptist Health Schools LPN, RN (Diploma)
Little Rock University of Phoenix - Little Rock AAS, BSN, MSN, DHA, DPN
Magnolia Southern Arkansas University ADN (RN), BSN   
Malvern Ouachita Technical College AAS (RN), PN (LPN),     NA (CNA)
McGehee University of Arkansas - Monticello College of Technology - McGehee NA (CNA), PN (LPN)
Melbourne Ozarka College AAS (RN), LPN
Mena Rich Mountain Community College PN
Monticello University of Arkansas at Monticello BSN, RN-BSN, AASN, LPN-RN
Morrilton University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton AAS (RN), PN (LPN),       NA (CNA)
Mountain Home Arkansas State University - Mountain Home AASN (RN), PN (LPN),  NA (CNA)
Newport Arkansas State University-Newport AAS (RN), LPN, CNA
North Little Rock Pulaski Technical College PN (LPN)
Pine Bluff Southeast Arkansas College PN (LPN),   NA (CNA), LPN/LPTN-RN Program,LPN to RN Pre-Professional Curriculum
Pine Bluff Jefferson Regional Medical Center - School of Nursing Nursing Diploma
Pine Bluff University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff RN-BSN, BSN
Pocahontas, Paragould Black River Technical College RN, PN, CNA
Russellville Arkansas Tech University BSN, MSN
Searcy Harding University PN (LPN), BSN (RN)
Springdale Northwest Technical Institute PN
Springdale Har-Ber School of Nursing (479) 750-6200 Nursing Diploma
West Memphis Mid-South Community College CNA



  1. is not responsible for incorrect information listed above about the nursing programs offered at each education institution.

The Nursing Program courses or the program itself offered at each education institution listed can be altered or even canceled depending on the needs of the school.


NIZ highly recommends that you protect and evaluate the costly training investment for your future by comparing school accreditations:

Education Institution Accredidations - Each school listed may be accredited by an organization that may NOT be accepted at a school of higher learning in Arkansas or by the Arkansas Board of Nursing.  

An example would be taking 1 to 2 years of PN/ADN courses at one school only to find out that the credits earned will not transfer to a major university.


  • Check with Arkansas Board of Nursing to see if the schools you selected to possibly attend are on their Approved Nursing Program List. Keep in mind that while a nursing school may be on the board's approved list, the nursing school may be on probation, have a warning designation or listed as a school with only a conditional approval status. 

Ask the nursing board representative a hundred questions about these types of ratings given to a nursing school to make sure you are making the right decision. 

Nursing boards are there to ensure nursing students in Arkansas receive the proper nursing training and to protect the public from poorly trained nurses.

  • Great, you found no adverse board information about the nursing   schools you selected. 

Now, the next question to ask yourself is...Do you see yourself wanting to purse a BSN, MSN, DNP or even a PhD at a later date after becoming a licensed practical nurse or a licensed registered nurse. Why is that important?

While you may receive a great education at a school that only offers the Practical Nurse certificate or an ADN nursing degree program, their credits may NOT transfer to the state's major universities offering these types of nursing programs.

Discuss with the nursing school's counselor about which schools of higher learning accept their course credits. Get everything in writing in regards to the transferability of the course credits then visit the school of higher learning to verify the course credits earned will indeed transfer.

One final word: NIZ, again, recommends starting your school selection process at Arkansas Board Of Nursing. 

There have been nursing programs offered in states that are not approved by a state's Board of Nursing which can mean that you will NOT be allowed to sit for the LPN or RN test to become licensed to practice.

Thousands of dollars spent and you can't be licensed can make for a very bad career decision. 

Did I Mention Licensed?

After all that sweating at test time at Nursing School, you will still have to take and pass the test that will make you sweat the most.

You will need to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) for Registered Nurse (RN) licensure or the (NCLEX-PN) for Practical Nurse (RN) licensure

When either NCLEX exam is passed, the graduate will then receive a license to practice as a Nurse in the state.

Remember my final word noted above.