Nursing Schools - California 

NIZ has put together an extensive list of Nursing Schools in California 

So you're wanting to go to a Nursing School in the Great State of California?


Did I mention California is my favorite state?

Get busy selecting a Nursing School to begin creating a great future for yourself in a profession dedicated to caring for others. We really need you!


        CITY        NURSING SCHOOLS            PROGRAMS 

Anaheim West Coast University – Orange

 LVN to RN Bridge(ADN), RN  to BSN, BSN

Angwin Pacific Union College ADN (RN), BSN - Second Step Program in Nursing
Antioch Western Career College VN (LVN) 
Aptos Cabrillo College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Arcata Humboldt State University BSN (RN), RN-to-BSN                 
Azusa Azusa Pacific University BSN (RN), LVN-to-RN, LVN-to-BSN, RN-to-BSN, MSN, PhD, ELM
Bakersfield Bakersfield College VN (LPN),  ADN (RN)         
Bakersfield California State University Bakersfield BSN (RN), RN-to-BSN,             MSN               
Camarillo California State University Channel Islands BSN  (RN), RN-to-BSN                        
Chico California State University Chico BSN (RN), LVN-to-BSN, RN-to-BSN, MSN, CEP              
Chula Vista Southwestern College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN  Perioperative Nursing Program
Compton El Camino College - Compton Education Center ADN(RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Costa Mesa University of Phoenix - Southern California Campus RN to BSN, MSN, PhD
Cupertino De Anza College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Cypress Cypress College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Dominguez Hills California State University Dominguez Hills BSN, ELM, MSN, PMC
El Cajon Grossmont College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Eureka College of the Redwoods ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Fairfield Solano Community College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN        
Freemont Ohlone College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Freemont Unitek College VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN, RN-to-BSN
Fresno Fresno City College ADN (RN), LVN-RN, Paramedic-RN                    
Fresno California State University Fresno BSN (RN), STAH, MSN-CNS/NE, NP, ELM
Fresno National University BSN (RN), A-BSN
Fresno University of Phoenix - Central Valley Campus RN-to-BSN, MSN
Fullerton California State University Fullerton BSN, RN to BSN,
Entry-Level MSN,
Accelerated RN to MSN, Nursing Leadership,
Nurse Anesthetist,
Women’s Health Care,
School Nursing, ELM 
Gilroy Gavilan College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Glendale  Glendale Community College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Glendora Citrus College VN/LPN (LVN/LPN), ADN (RN)         
Hayward Chabot College AA (RN), LVN-to-RN (AA, Non Degree, 30 Unit Option)
Hayward California State University East Bay BSN (RN), RN-to-BSN                           
Huntington Beach Golden West College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Imperial Imperial Valley College VN/PN (LVN/LPN), ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Irvine University of California Irvine BSN, MSN, CEP
Joshua Tree Copper Mountain Community College ADN (RN), VN (LVN)
Kentfield College of Marin ADN (RN)
La Mirada Biola University BSN (RN)
Lancaster Antelope Valley College LVN/LPN,  ADN(RN)         
Loma Linda Loma Linda University BSN, BA/BS to BS, RN-to-BS, LVN-to-RN, MSN
Long Beach Long Beach City College ADN (RN), VN (LVN)             LVN/PT-to-RN
Long Beach California State University Long Beach BSN (RN), MSN, Nurse Practioner Health Services (School Nurse)             
Los Angeles Los Angeles City College ADN (RN)            
Los Angeles Los Angeles County College of Nursing & Allied Health ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Los Angeles Los Angeles Southwest College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Los Angeles Los Angeles Trade-Tech College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Los Angeles Mount Saint Mary's College ADN (RN), RN-to-BSN, RN-to-MSN
Los Angeles National University BSN (RN), A-BSN
Los Angeles West Coast University – Los Angeles LVN to RN Bridge (ADN), RN to BSN, BSN 
Los Angeles California State University Los Angeles BSN (RN), RN-to-BSN, MSN, ELM             
Los Angeles Mount Saint Mary's College ADN (RN),BSN (RN), A-BSN, RN-to-BSN, MSN, ADN-to- MSN                                                     
Los Angeles University of California Los Angeles BSN, MSN, RN-to-MSN, BSN-to-MSN, School Nurse Credential, ELM
Marysville Yuba College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Merced  Merced College ADN (RN), VN(LVN), LVN-to-RN
Mission Viejo Saddleback College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN, RN-to-BSN
Modesto Modesto Junior College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Monterey Monterey Peninsula College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Monterey Park East Los Angeles College ADN (RN)
Moorpark Moorpark College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Napa / St Helena Napa Valley College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN, Paramedic-to-RN
North Hollywood Kaplan College VN (LVN) Diploma Program
Northridge California State University Northridge RN-to-BSN, A-BSN, School Nurse                     
Norwalk Cerritos College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN (Option C/D), LPT-to-RN
Novato (Indian Valley) College of Marin ADN (RN)
Oakland Merritt College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Oakland Samuel Merritt College ABSN, BSN, MSN, ELM
Oceanside Mira Costa College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Ontario West Coast University – Inland Empire BSN, LVN to RN Bridge (ADN), RN to BSN
Oroville Butte Community College AS (LVN/LPN), ADN (RN)         
Palm Desert College of the Desert VN (LVN), ADN (RN)         
Palm Desert California State University- San Bernardino - Palm Desert Campus BSN  (RN)                                   RN-to-BSN                          
Pasadena Pasadena City College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Pittsburg  Los Medanos College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Ponoma Western University of Health Sciences ADN to MSN, MSN, DNP, ELM
Rancho Bernardo National University LVN-to-RN
Rancho Bernardo National University LVN-to-BSN
Rancho Bernardo National University BSN (RN), A-BSN
Rancho Cucamonga Chaffey College VN (LVN), ADN (RN)         
Redding Shasta College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Redding  National University RN-to-BSN
Riverside Riverside Community College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Riverside California Baptist University BSN, RN-to-BSN, MSN, ELM              
Rocklin Sierra College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Rohnert Park Sonoma State University BSN (RN), RN-to-BSN, LVN-to-BSN, MSN, ELM                                  
Sacramento American River College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Sacramento Sacramento City College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Sacramento Unitek College VN (LVN)
Sacramento Western Career College ADN (RN), VN (LVN)             
Sacramento California State University Sacramento BSN (RN), LVN to RN, MSN, School Nurse
Sacramento National University RN-to-BSN
Sacramento University of Phoenix - Sacramento Valley BSN (RN), RN-to-BSN, LVN-to-BSN, MSN,  MSN/MBA/HCM                                
Salinas Hartnell College VN/PN, (LVN/LPN), ADN (RN)   
San Bernardino San Bernardino Valley College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
San Bernardino California State University San Bernardino BSN, RN-to-BSN, MSN, ELM                         
San Bernardino California Baptist University BSN(RN), LVN-to-BSN, RN-to-BSN, MSN                         
San Diego San Diego City College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
San Diego Point Loma Nazarene University BSN, MSN, RN-to-MSN, BSN-to-MSN
San Diego San Diego State University BSN, RN-to-BSN,  MSN, School Nurse
San Diego University of Phoenix - San Diego Campus RN-to-BSN, MSN, PhD
San Diego University of San Diego ELM, MSN, DNP, PhD
San Francisco City College of San Francisco VN/LPN (LVN/LPN), ADN (RN)         
San Francisco San Francisco State University BSN, MSN, ELM
San Francisco University of California San Francisco MSN, MEPN, ELM
San Francisco University of San Francisco BSN, MSN, DNP, ELM
San Jose Evergreen Valley College ADN (RN)
San Jose Western Career College VN (LVN) 
San Jose San Jose State University BSN, MSN
San Jose University of Phoenix - San Jose LVN-MSN MSN/MBA
San Leandro Western Career College VN (LVN) 
San Luis Obispo Cuesta College ADN (RN), VN (LVN)
San Marcos Palomar College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN, Diploma RN to ADN
San Marcos California State University San Marcos BSN (RN), LVN-to-BSN, RN-to-BSN,     A-BSN, MSN, RN Refresher                     
San Mateo College of San Mateo ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
San Pablo Contra Costa College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
San Rafael Dominican University of California BSN  (RN)                                                  MSN -  (CNL)                                
San Jacinto Mount San Jacinto College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Santa Ana Santa Ana College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara City College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), CNA-to-VN, LVN-to-RN
Santa Clara Mission College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Santa Clara Unitek College VN (LVN)             
Santa Clarita College of the Canyons ADN (RN), LVN-RN, Paramedic-RN            
Santa Maria Allan Hancock College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Santa Monica Santa Monica College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN, Hybrid LVN-to-RN
Santa Rosa  Santa Rosa Junior College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Sherman Oaks National University RN-to-BSN
Signal Hill American University of Health Sciences BSN (RN)
Spectrum Business Park  National University RN-to-BSN
Stockton San Joaquin Delta College ADN (RN), VN (LVN)             
Torrance El Camino College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Turlock California State University Stanislaus BSN(RN), LVN-to-BSN, RN-to-BSN, MSN                                     
Ukiah  Mendocino College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Valley Glen Los Angeles Valley College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Ventura Ventura College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Victorville Victor Valley College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Visalia College of the Sequoias ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN, RN-BSN
Visalia San Joaquin Valley College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Walnut Mount San Antonio College ADN (RN), LVN/PT-to-RN
Weed College of the Siskiyous VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Whittier Rio Hondo College ADN (RN), VN (LVN), LVN-to-RN
Wilmington Los Angeles Harbor College ADN (RN), LVN-to-RN
Woodland Hills Los Angeles Pierce College AADN (RN), LVN-to-RN



  1. is not responsible for incorrect information listed above about the nursing programs offered at each education institution.

The Nursing Program courses or the program itself offered at each education institution listed can be altered or even canceled depending on the needs of the school.


NIZ highly recommends that you protect and evaluate the costly training investment for your future by comparing school accreditations:

Education Institution Accredidations - Each school listed may be accredited by an organization that may NOT be accepted at a school of higher learning in California or by the California Board of Nursing.  

An example would be taking 1 to 2 years of PN/ADN courses at one school only to find out that the credits earned will not transfer to a major university.


  • Check with California Board of Registered Nursing and the California Board of Vocational Nursing to see if the schools you selected to possibly attend are on their Approved Nursing Program List. Keep in mind that while a nursing school may be on the board's approved list, the nursing school may be on probation, have a warning designation or listed as a school with only a conditional approval status. 

Ask the nursing board representative a hundred questions about these types of ratings given to a nursing school to make sure you are making the right decision. 

Nursing boards are there to ensure nursing students in California receive the proper nursing training and to protect the public from poorly trained nurses.

  • Great, you found no adverse board information about the nursing   schools you selected. 

Now, the next question to ask yourself is...Do you see yourself wanting to purse a BSN, MSN, DNP or even a PhD at a later date after becoming a licensed practical nurse or a licensed registered nurse. Why is that important?

While you may receive a great education at a school that only offers the Practical Nurse certificate or an ADN nursing degree program, their credits may NOT transfer to the state's major universities offering these types of nursing programs.

Discuss with the nursing school's counselor about which schools of higher learning accept their course credits. Get everything in writing in regards to the transferability of the course credits then visit the school of higher learning to verify the course credits earned will indeed transfer.

One final word: NIZ, again, recommends starting your school selection process at California Board Of Registered Nursing and the California Board of Vocational Nursing. 

There have been nursing programs offered in states that are not approved by a state's Board of Nursing which can mean that you will NOT be allowed to sit for the LPN or RN test to become licensed to practice.

Thousands of dollars spent and you can't be licensed can make for a very bad career decision. 

Did I Mention Licensed?

After all that sweating at test time at Nursing School, you will still have to take and pass the test that will make you sweat the most.

You will need to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) for Registered Nurse (RN) licensure or the (NCLEX-PN) for Practical Nurse (RN) licensure

When either NCLEX exam is passed, the graduate will then receive a license to practice as a Nurse in the state.

Remember my final word noted above.